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Alvaro Gonzalez
CEO, Writer, Director

"What I love most about Sueñito Media is the creative freedom—the ability to experiment and find the best way to tell any story."

Born and raised in the backyard of Hollywood, Alvaro's passion in storytelling began with his 4th grade rendition of the life of Abraham Lincoln. His interest in history led him to receiving a  Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of California, Riverside. It’s there where he rediscovered his passion for storytelling. He gave up on a Pre-Law career trajectory and found work as an intern for Ardor Pictures. His interest in writing and directing led him to the New York Film Academy where he earned a Masters in Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking. This is also where he met future business partner Thea Touchton. In working with Thea under the Sueñito banner, Alvaro’s passion has only grown and with the promise of creative freedom the skies are the limit for how far he can grow.