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Karuna Tanahashi
Head of Photography, Gaffer

"What I love most about Sueñito Media is their mission of telling unique and diverse stories, along with their emphasis on mental health, which is a fundamental building block for all creators and human beings."

Karuna Tanahashi is an actress, filmmaker, singer-songwriter, photographer, and all around creative soul. A true Renaissance woman, she loves cross pollinating her talents to tell stories as only she can. Her projects are infused with playfulness, theatricality, and quirky comedy; as in the music videos for her original songs "Vaccine Virgin" and "The Boys Come Back to Haunt Me". She has an ongoing series of a cappella videos, which she arranges; shoots; edits; and performs all herself. A constant creator, Karuna is always working on a wide range of new material and adding hyphens to her palette. She has many projects in the works, including her debut EP "Undercover Diva" as well as several sketches and short films.