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Our commercial division focuses on connecting these communities with professionals in industries like fashion, beauty, mental health, and literature. It takes a village. We believe that underrepresented artistic voices deserve to be heard and we look to foster a community that helps to make those voices as loud and as bold as possible. Aquí somos familia.

Our team

Alvaro Gonzalez
CEO, Writer, Director

"What I love most about Sueñito Media is the creative freedom—the ability to experiment and find the best way to tell any story."

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Thea Touchton
CFO, Producer, Marketing

"What I love most about Sueñito Media is when our original, out there, hilarious films make crowds laugh.  The world heals in laughter. El mundo se cura en la risa."

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Savannah Manhattan
Food and Culture Writer

"What I love most about Sueñito Media is the ambition and the inclusivity involved. They make projects that highlight unorthodox angles and perspectives. It’s refreshing."

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Gabriel Carnick

"What I love most about Sueñito Media is making films that have a message of social justice, and explore stories from underrepresented communities. I like to make the world a better place through art."

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Karuna Tanahashi
Head of Photography, Gaffer

"What I love most about Sueñito Media is their mission of telling unique and diverse stories, along with their emphasis on mental health, which is a fundamental building block for all creators and human beings."

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Luke Scorcio
Production Assistant

"What I love most about Sueñito Media is that in addition to their mission of doing good for the community and the world, every set is efficient, professional, and fun."

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